Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District

The San Jacinto Valley is home to Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District.  From a trip to the Getty Museum to walking with a grandchild through a park, to line dancing and watching a fireworks spectacular…Playing softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and learning to draw, paint, sculpt or wood carve… Watch your children in ballet, gymnastics or your child making their first hit in baseball or softball…

Valley-Wide at San Jacinto Valley hosts baseball tournaments

All of these special events in our lives have one thing in common – Valley-Wide.

Valley-Wide is here to serve

As Valley-Wide enters its 41st year of service to Hemet, San Jacinto, and surrounding areas, we look to all the communities around us and seek to provide for the needs of young and old alike.

Child care, organized sports, instructional classes, trips and excursions, outreach and mentor services – no matter where you are, Valley-Wide is there fulfilling a need.

Organized activities at Valley-Wide

Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District maintains 60 miles of streetscapes, 76 parks, 9 community centers, and two aquatic centers in the San Jacinto Valley in southwest Riverside County.  On any given day over 5,000 residents use our many facilities and programs throughout our district.  Valley-Wide is one of the most successful recreation agencies in California and takes pride in what we have accomplished since our creation in 1972.  For a complete calendar of events and for more information in Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District please visit

Valley-Wide Mud Run at San Jacinto Valley

For more information:
San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce (951) 654-1645
Hemet/San Jacinto (951) 658-3211