Boating and Fishing

Ample opportunities for Boating and Fishing are found in the San Jacinto Valley.  Below you will find an overview and links to more detailed information.

Diamond Valley Lake for boating

Where can I find boating and fishing in the San Jacinto Valley?

Diamond Valley Lake

Fishing:  At Southern California’s largest reservoir, located in Hemet just 90 minutes from Los Angeles and San Diego, you’ll discover some of the greatest fishing in the state. World-renowned for its black bass fishing, Diamond Valley is also home to bluegill and redear sunfish, rainbow trout, and both blue and channel catfish.  For fishing conditions:

Boating:  To protect this resource, no body contact with the water is permitted. Boating guidelines are found here:

Fishing at Diamond Valley Lake

Lake Hemet

Fishing:  Trout, Bass, Blue Gill and Catfish at found Lake Hemet. The California State Dep’t of Fish & Game stocks Trout every two weeks, with the exception of December through March. Current fishing reports can be found at

Boating:  There is no body contact with the water at Lake Hemet.  Boating regulations found here (near the bottom of the page):

Fishing at Lake Hemet

Little Lake

Fishing:  A beautiful place to catch trout, catfish, largemouth bass, and bluegill.  For fishing info click here –

Boating:  No swimming or boating is allowed

Reflection Lake 

Fishing:  Reflection Lake Fish Stocking Starts Martin Luther King weekend in February and is stocked regularly thru the Fourth of July, so the catfish and trout fishing are excellent. The park hosts monthly fishing derbies with tagged trophy fish.  More information can be found here –

Boating:  None available

Lake Skinner

Fishing:  Home to Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Carp, and Bluegill year round. Catfish is stocked in the summer and Trout in the winter, keeping the fishing active all year long.  More information can be found here –

Boating:  No body contact with the water is permitted.  Please visit for boating regulations.

Boating and Balloons near San Jacinto Valley

Lake Perris

Fishing: The Department of Fish and game stocks trout at Lake Perris about every two weeks, mid week, during the cooler months.  Park employees are not informed of the exact dates when Fish and Game will stock the lake. You are welcome to contact Fish and Game at 909-484-0459. You will find Bass, Trout, Catfish, Bluegill, Red Ear Sunfish, Crappie,  Green Sunfish, Bull Head and Carp at Lake Perris.  More information is found here –

Boating:  Boating, Waterskiing and Watercraft regulations are found here –


For more information:
San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce (951) 654-1645
Hemet/San Jacinto (951) 658-3211